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Food Van

We have hundreds of fillings and various products that we change daily and seasonally.

Only a selection of these will be available, pre orders can be taken for the next day.

Please ask your local driver to inform you of any specials we currently have.

Hot Meals
Chicken Wings 2.50
Chilli Con Carne 4.00
Shepherds Pie 4.00
Lasagne 4.00
Cottage Pie 4.00
Sausage Mash & Beans 4.00
Chicken Tikka Rice 4.00
Caju Chicken Rice 4.00
Jacket Potato Sausage, Cheese and Beans 3.50
Jacket Potato Tuna and Cheese 3.80
Jacket Potato Tuna, Cheese and Beans 4.00
Breakfast in a Box
(bacon, sausage, hash brown beans, tomato)
Salad Boxes
Gammon Ham and Cheddar Cheese 3.90
Tuna Spring Onion 3.90
Chicken Mayonaise 3.90
Roast Chicken 3.90
Coronation Chicken 3.90
Fruit Salad 2.30
1/4 lb Cheese 2.70
1/4 lb Cheese and Onion 2.80
1/4 lb Cheese and Bacon 3.00
Chicken Breast Burger 3.00
Ham and Cheese 3.00
Bacon and Cheddar Cheease 3.00
Halloumi and Bacon 3.00
BBQ Pork Ribs Cheese 3.50
Sausage and Cheese 2.80
Sausage and Tomato 2.80
Cheese and Tomato 2.60
Chicken and Cheese 3.00
Tuna Melt 3.00
Cold Sandwiches
Egg Mayo and Cress
Egg Mayo and Tomato
Boiled Egg Salad
Gammon Ham
Ham and Tomato
Ham and Pickle
Ham and Coleslaw
Ham Salad
Cheese and Cucumber
Cheese and Pickle
Cheese and Onion
Cheese and Coleslaw
Cheese Salad
Tuna Mayo Cucumber
Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn
Tuna Mayo Spring Onion
Tuna Mayo Coleslaw
Tuna Mayo Salad
Chicken Mayo Corn
Chicken Mayo Salad
Chicken Mayo Stuffing
Corned Beef Tomato
Corned Beef Pickle
Corned Beef Salad
Egg Mayo Bacon
Sausage Egg Mayo
Chicken Bacon Mayo
Ham Cheese Mayo
Ham Cheese Coleslaw
Ham Cheese Pickle
Coronation Chicken
Honey Chilli Chicken
Piri Piri Chicken
Mixed Cheese Spring Onion
Spicy Chargrilled Chicken
Smokey BBQ Chicken
Mozarella and Tomato
Halloumi Salad
Salami and Cheese
Smoked Salmon and Cheese
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